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What is Kinetic Village

Kinetic Village is about exploring our ever changing world through pictures and video. Our planet is changing whether we like it or not. The technology we use every day is helping connect people from the far corners of the earth it is also making simple daily tasks easier like finding a place to eat. Enviromenal and human challenge are becoming more apparent as we come to grips with poverty disiese and extreame weather.

Kinetic Village seeks to be a place where we explore that visually and through stories. Through media we are a place where we take on those issues of change as a global village of people in motion. We seek to tell stories that generate hope and excitement while grounding us in the reality that change is hard and reality isn't always picture perfect. The stories we tell should inspire you to action and share the experence with others.

Kinetic Village isn't alone in our journey to spark change in our world. There are orgaizations, companies and people that are doing things today that are making their mark in our world connecting people, changing lives and taking on the future of our village. They are helping the end poverty, fight disese, creating new ways of living and connecting poeple and ideas that all fit into the same big picture but each with a unique perspective. There is no way we can do what they do but as story tellers we can work together to inspire and challeng their constituants, customers, clients and the public about the potential of what is being offered. 

If this unique approch to visual media is something that you feel would be worth helping your company or orgaization connect with its base  contact Kinetic Village to start the convesation about how we can partner with you.

The vision of Kinetic Village is to bring to light the issues and stories that inspires each of us.  We want to inspire the movements that make the world a better place. We are currently in production on a documentary called Around the World in 80 Hours.

We here at Kinetic Village aren't the only ones that are using visual media to make the world a better place. There are stories and issues that inspire us as we do our work each day. Through our blog, we will highlight what it is that makes the Kinetic Village world move.


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