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Sitting on a plane settled in for a long flight. I look out the window as we slowly turn onto the runway. The plane lines up for take off and there is a distant rumble as the jets throttle up for take off. Slowly I am pushed back on my seat as the plane begins to move forward. The concrete runway starts to blur as we move faster, lights flashing by. The plane begins to shake, loose luggage rattles. Across the aisle a woman white knuckles her armrest. Suddenly the plane tilts up, then lifts off. The ground below quickly drops away and we reach for the sky.


KI·NET·IC - kəˈnetik/adjective

  • of, relating to, or resulting from motion.

  • (of a work of art) depending on movement for its effect.​


Kinetic is a word that isn't part of our daily vocabulary, but it is a word that describes most of our daily life. Our lives are propelled forward by motion. It's a force beyond our control, but how we live. From the planet spinning on its axis, then around the sun, which in turn is spinning inside a galaxy in an expanding universe. There is wind, water, earth, fire: all natural motions that are natural kinetic forces in our world. There is the movement we try to control: cars, planes, electricity, sound, light. Then there is time: a force that we can't see, but that governs our every moment.


The dictionary definition of Kinetic is simple: 1. Resulting from motion 2. depending on movement for its effect. It is not just the result of motion, but of emotion. Today we seem to feel the effects of the kinetic change in our world more profoundly than ever. The technology revolution has compressed time and space into something we cannot just feel change, but see it happen before our very eyes. Our world is no longer a planet, but a village. Travel is faster, connections are instant, pain more apparent, progress unfiltered, and joy shared.


This is the context from which I picked the name Kinetic Village. I am a storyteller that uses visual images to capture a moment and share a story, idea, concept, emotion, feeling, progress, pain, etc. and share it with the world. There are two ways I am taking this on. One is the way I have always done it: as a content developer working in conjunction with other groups that share this passion for the world. Second is an experiment. It's a place to make content that shows our Kinetic Village in a unique way. It's a matter of looking at the world through a kinetic lens to see how it relates to people in a changing planet. It's about stories of faith, focus, inovation, travel, progress, technology, pain, joy and a hope for a future that is better each day.


As the plane lifts off the ground, the kinetic effect of the jet engines propel me toward a new world and new place. While this could be just about any flight, this one is the first flight in a journey around the world in 80 hours. This is a journey to take a snapshot of our village in just 80 hours. It's an experimental series of short films that will help launch this venture. It's a fun unique way to take a snapshot of a Kinetic Village and begin to take a look at the world through different eyes. That is hard to find in the world of channels we have at our finger tips. Media that is hopefull, thoughtful, global and fun.

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