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I love airplanes, helecopters and all that flys. But on the top of that list is Helecopters. You can beat the feeling of hovering over a city, waterfall, or just over the trees. Landing pretty much anywhere and shooting up to a birds eye view in a moment is a thrill I find hard to discribe. Despite all that passion I have only been on helecopters 3 times in my life. The first time I paid for a trip around St Louis that lasted only 10 min. Next was a hour long ride in Hawaii. Then there was the last time, I had the chance to fly on a training mission for the San Diego Fire Department. I hung over the side rails as they did a mock rescue and water dump. I was watching the video I made from that experence earlier today and thought I need to share that. So here it is a slice of life on the Helecopter squad of SDFD ENJOY!!!

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