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Welcome to Kinetic Village

Come in and let us show you the world. Based in Seattle, we circle the globe telling stories through films, documentaries and video production for non-profits and corporate branding.


We partner with like-minded people and companies to tell stories that generate hope, excitement and inspire you to take action and share that experience with others.

Above the Clouds

Our Work

The name Kinetic Village describes perfectly the core of what we do. We tell stories of people and places all over the world.


We do this in two ways: First, we go and bring the world to you. We partner with people and organizations and tell their stories in an authentic, intimate way. The results speak for themselves. We have produced hundreds of short stories in over 60 countries, which have helped raise millions of dollars and inform and grow the constituencies of our clients.


Second, we help bring you to the world. Technology today allows events and learning environments to have participants involved who aren't physically there. We partner with our clients and take the technical burden off their backs so that they can concentrate on what they are good at. We do this using multi-camera production, video storytelling, and online distribution.

Our Work
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