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Amsterdam is a convergence of old and new world. Built on reclaimed land nearly 1000 years ago, Amsterdam has been built up on a series of canals just off the North Sea. It is now a major hub of travel into and out of Europe. The airport hosts over 50 million passengers a year. Many are just passing through, while others stop in for a day or two to see the sites or participate in legal drug and prostitution culture.


Because of flight delays and connections while getting around the world that's all Amsterdam was: a layover on our trip around the world. That is often how it is for most global travelers. It's a stop over on the way to...


What does this do to us when we brush over cities, places, people, and history in our rush to get somewhere? That's not all Amsterdam is, or Atlanta, or Detroit, or any other city you might have flown through on your way to get somewhere.

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