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Kinetic Village Story Tellers

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Rolling Stones March 2023

I spent my teen years living in Manila, one of the largest cities in the world. I was there in the 80’s when one of the first popular revolutions overthrew an oppressive dictatorship. Back then, the technology that brought out the masses was radio and TV. It wasn't Twitter, but it worked. In just days, President Marcos was overthrown. I saw then the importance of media and technology in shaping our world. I eventually became a video journalist and traveled the world using stories and pictures to help organizations tell their story and build support for their causes. I have been to over 50 countries. I can navigate the globe with a perspective that you don’t get from your first trip abroad. However, I am still someone who lives for the wonder of discovery. I want to share the adventure of seeing new places and meeting new people. I want this endeavor to be a way I can share with others the importance of seeing the world as a community.  I have a unique perspective that can keep the conversation going, and maybe take it to another level.

Some of my career highlights include working as a press liaison at the Atlanta Olympics. Producing a documentary on survivors of the Rwanda genocide. Filming in Southern India after the tsunami, Iraq during the insurgency, and reconstruction in Haiti following the Port-au-Prince earthquake.


In addition to these projects, I have been involved in film.  I served as Director of Photography for a film shot in the jungles of northern Congo. I also served as Director of Photography of a feature documentary titled, "Flesh."  The documentary shed light on human trafficking in the United States.


That’s the professional side. On the personal side, I love my wife Mindy, running, reading and watching movies.


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