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Doris Brown Heritage's

journey from running barefoot on the beach to a legend who set the pace for generations of women athletes

LAST LAP tells the story of Doris Brown Heritage's extraordinary journey from a barefoot girl sprinting on the beach to a world-renowned running legend who set the pace for generations of female athletes. As a pioneer for women's distance running, Doris competed in 2 Olympics, 12 world cross-country championships and in 1967 was the first American woman to run a 5 minute mile.

In 2024 the Documentary LAST LAP will be screening in film festivals and exclusive events around the US.

To attend screenings and learn how you can be part of getting this film in final distribution sign up for the mailing list below. 


Telling Doris Story

The greatest runners in the world aren't always the ones who come home with the gold medal. While Doris did have her gold medal moments and world record runs, her greatest achievements happened off the track and behind the scenes while she quietly changed the sport for women athletes through coaching and inspiring a new generation of runners.


How do you tell a story like Doris' when the gold medal moment isn't on the Olympic stage but in the rain on a beach in her 80's?

At Kinetic Village we love to take on the challenge of telling stories like Doris'. Inspiring stories of people like Doris who might have been forgotten because they take place just below the fold.


It was an adventure to find the right thread of people and places to produce LAST LAP in a way that would encapsulate Doris’ life to inspire and challenge viewers to learn from her example of how to live and to leave a lasting legacy.

If you are interested in partnering with working with Kinetic Village to tell such a story email us at

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